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"Where do all the old gays go?" Film poster

"Where do all the old gays go?"


Embark on an intimate journey with this Age & Opportunity/Bealtaine commissioned documentary, delving into the lives of Ireland's older LGBTQIA+ community. Directed by Cathy Dunne and produced by Maggie Ryan, this film offers a touching exploration of their experiences.


Meet Kay & Celine, Patricia, Daíthí, Clive & Dan as they share their stories with heartfelt openness. They reflect not only on their past but also on their hopes for the future. The film captures the profound joys and sorrows that have shaped their lives, from matters of love and hope to health and concerns for their future.


The powerful message of accepting and embracing one's true self, no matter their age, shines through. Commissioned by Age & Opportunity and principally funded by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth through the 2020 LGBTI+ Community Services Funding Call Scheme B, with the generous support of The Arts Council.


Directed by Dublin-based Film Director and Cinematographer, Cathy Dunne, whose passion lies in authentic and unconventional storytelling. With a keen eye for visuals and a dedication to genuine narratives, Cathy's work captures the essence of human experiences.

This film was selected for several Oscar, BAFTA and IFTA qualifying festivals.

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