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Keep up to date with our video agency in Dublin and how we are doing in the world of film, documentary and content.

August 2023 | New Short Fiction 'SERVE' Shortlisted in Final 12 with Virgin Media Discovers Ireland

Written by Alexandra Conlon and Directed by Cathy Dunne 'SERVE' is a psychological thriller based on the darker side of military life in Ireland. This piece is inspired by the Women of Honour, a group of defence force survivors who came forward to share their stories of abuse in 2021. 


9th of May 2023 | "Where do all the old gays go?" SIFF

Cathy talks to We are Moving Stories ahead of Seattle International Film Festival 2023. Read the full conversation here. 

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18th of March 2022 | "Where do all the old gays go?" BFI Flare

Amber Jackson, UK Film Review rates our short documentary ahead of BAFTA Qualifying Film Festival. Read Full Review here. 

"What makes this film outstanding is its honesty. It remarks beautifully on the human aspects of aging from a queered perspective that appears natural rather than terrifying. Those interviewed do share the realities of getting old, such as a lack of a queer community at an old people’s home, or not having a safe space or support group catered to them. However, they are able to speak freely about those in life who support them unconditionally and they are able to embrace self-acceptance in the process. They speak of wanting a legacy and the beautiful representation of this film ensures that a legacy has been created for them, forever immortalised on screen."

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29th of October 2022 | "Where do all the old gays go?" selected for Richard Harris International Film Festival

"Where do all the old gays go?" 'Experiences of the older LGBTQIA+ Community in Ireland' screens at Richard Harris International Film Festival, deeming the film eligible for an IFTA submission. Thank you to I Love Limerick who highlighted the film last week. Read I Love Limerick's article here. 

Dan Lawless and Clive Cooke

9th of October 2022 | "Where do all the old gays go?" awarded Honourable Mention at IndieCork International Film Festival

"Where do all the old gays go?" 'Experiences of the older LGBTQIA+ Community in Ireland' is awarded an Honourable Mention at IndieCork. The Jury commented, "Alongside our winner Dash, we wanted to commend Where do all the Old Gays Go? for bringing Irish LGBTQIA+ stories to the screen. The interviews paint a rich portrait of an older queer community in Ireland, they are a delight to watch and bring to light the need to consider how queer spaces need to be created to care for older people. The jury wished to highlight the great skill of interviewing within the documentary, which created a safe and open space in which the participants could share their stories freely." Link to full list of awards here.

Celine and Kay

2nd of October 2022 | "Where do all the old gays go?" select for GAZE LGBT Film Festival

"Where do all the old gays go?" 'Experiences of the older LGBTQIA+ Community in Ireland' selected to screen on closing day of GAZE LGBT Film Festival in the Lighthouse Cinema Dublin. 

gaze internation film festival.jpg

10th of July 2022 | "Where do all the old gays go?" awarded Special Mention at Galway Film Fleadh

"Where do all the old gays go?" 'Experiences of the older LGBTQIA+ Community in Ireland' received a Special Mention by the Jury at Galway Film Fleadh during its premiere. Full list of awards here.

Galway Film Fleadh.jpg

9th of May 2022 | "Where do all the old gays go?"

This short documentary film provides an intimate exploration of the older LGBTQIA+ community living in Ireland. The contributors speak openly and honestly about what resonates with them. COMING SOON 2022

OFFICIAL TRAILER 2022 _ _Where do all the old gays go__

Interview with FNI Wrap Chat, DIFF 2021

Remie Michelle Clarke was joined by Cathy Dunne this week to talk about her moving and nostalgic new documentary and the good work she has been doing during the pandemic on Through the pane. Full interview here.

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Tender awarded to create a short film for Bealtaine 2021

Director Cathy Dunne and Producer Maggie Ryan have been awarded the tender to create a short film documenting and celebrating the experiences of older LGBTQIA+ persons in Ireland. READ MORE HERE

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WFT Member Cathy Dunne to Feature Short Doc ‘Imprints’ at VMDIFF

Cathy Dunne and Maggie Ryan are among a select few for this year’s shorts programme at the annual VMDIFF with their film ‘Imprints’. Featuring Cathy’s Grand Aunt Mary and Uncle Denis, it is an exploration of the passing of time. Mary recalls memories of her late husband, as moments from the 1960s are imprinted onto Denis’ cine reels. READ MORE HERE


Life on the frontline of pandemic 2020

Through the Pane', directed by Cathy Dunne, is a series of interviews with essential workers, who give individual accounts of life on the frontline and the sacrifices that have been made along the way.

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